Sunday, June 12, 2011

London Fashion Week

London Fashion Week - Wherever and whenever people talk about creative exuberance, they don't forget to mention London fashion week, as the city has always been gunning for some growing up labels, this time the focus is on ethical clothing. The organisers of that show have always preferred to open their events usually with hot zealous catwalks, but this time they decided to do something different and the show was started with Estethica's launch in which ethical clothing from the designer fashion was showcased.

The idea behind the ethical clothing seems to gain more and more ground with every passing day, and even it has succeeded to win government backing right now. Defra also introduced its Scap or Sustainable clothing Action Plan in that event.

This plan will outline commitments of some leading retail and manufacturing names in the fashion to make fashion more apt to the ecological requirement in its different cycles from manufacturing to designing. Some leading retailers and manufacturers are currently involved in the plan, and the same retailers and manufacturers have already aimed to cast a sustainable effect of casual fashion on the environment.

Now under Estethica, it is being planned to bring the ethical designers with similar views closer and play their role in making clothing more ethical than ever before. London fashion week is going to celebrate its 25th birthday during this year when the shadows of worldwide economic slowdown are hovering everywhere and most buyers have tightened their purses for things like luxury and fashion clothing.

However, now many designers around the world are focusing on to manufacture clothing with some inexpensive and environment friendly materials that are obtained by causing least or no damage to the surrounding environment and other living things on the planet.

Esthetica's founder Peter Ingwersen said on the occasion that: "it's a need of time to promote ethical clothing and it can be done only if we make people believe that luxury, fashion, sexiness, corporate, social responsibility, and ethics can work together."

It's true that a considerable number of customers are not willing to pay attention whether some sort of clothing is ethical or not, and the fact is that none made them think about this serious issue, but now things seem to change and the realisation for such sort of clothing is on increase with every passing day. Now some leading retailers and manufacturers are paying attention to this type of clothing and people are also becoming aware of the importance of this type of clothing.

In fact, many customers believe that they might be sacrificed luxury, sexiness or their other desired objects if they prefer ethical clothing to the other popular fashion clothing of today. However, these days, many retailers and designers have realised the importance of being ethical for the sake of their environment and other living beings on the earth and it's becoming quite trendier to come up with this type of clothing in fashion shows and other events.London Fashion Week


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