Saturday, May 14, 2011

Vera Wang Wedding Dresses - Fashion

Vera Wang Wedding Dresses-Vera Wang wedding dresses are notably worn by the 'stars'. From Jennifer Lopez to Uma Thurman, Sharon Stone to Mariah Carey - Vera Wang wedding dresses are the ultimate in opulent and stylish wedding wear, and because of the variety of styles, colors and materials available; Vera Wang represents exactly what most women want on their wedding day, so has become one of the uppermost in our thoughts when we are asked who our favorite wedding dress designers are.

After a number of positions at prestigious magazines such as Vogue and Ralph Lauren where she made her name as the youngest fashion editor ever - just aged 23, Vera Wang started her first bridal line in 1990.

With the aim of providing a line of dresses which were traditional, yet sophisticated; Vera established her line of wedding gowns unsure quite what to expect from the public. In 1994 her big break came when she designed a simple white outfit for ice-skater Nancy Kerrigan rendering her a household name practically overnight. Vera had skated competitively before joining the fashion design world, so designing the outfit came naturally.

Vera's affinity and love for fashion obviously originated from when she was much younger and her mother would regularly take her to the Sorbonne fashion shows in Paris; this has resulted in opulent, chic creations made from only the finest silks and other rich fabrics which are the dreams of most women when looking for their ultimate wedding dress. The A-line style cut, tulle and other ruche fabrics are particularly 'In fashion' at the moment and Vera's fall/autumn collection makes this blindingly obvious, with concentration to how a wedding gown can look spectacularly simple given the amount of work that goes into one of her creations.

Initially concentrating on a more traditional dress, Vera's emergence into the Wedding gown world was seamless and hitch-free. Immediately consumers saw her flair for fashion and began to look to her dresses for ideas and a lot of weddings have been planned around her gowns. Another famous dress by Vera Wang, is the one Jessica Simpson wore for her wedding to now ex-husband Nick Lachey in 2002 which beat the Christian Dior's haute couture gown that Melania Knauss wore at her marriage to Donald Trump, hands down in the 'In Touch' magazines' Top Ten Most Glamorous Wedding Gown list. Vera is renowned for her creativity, plucking the most amazing ideas for new creations seemingly from fresh-air.

Today, Vera has her finger in a veritable number of 'luxury' pies, but is still renowned for her wedding gown prowess and still, even after over 17 years of timeless inspiring creations, women all over the globe look to her dresses for guidance and that 'something new' which could make the difference between the most memorable day of your life, and the most un-memorable.  Vera Wang wedding dresses are definitely the elite of modern day wedding-wear, and by all accounts seem as though they will be for the foreseeable future. Way to go, Vera! Vera Wang Wedding Dresses


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