Saturday, May 14, 2011

Maternity Bridesmaid Dresses

Maternity Bridesmaid Dresses- Imagine looking for a dress that looks good whilst pregnant, as a bridesmaid, for a wedding. It's hard, trust me, I've seen bridesmaids trying to fit into something that clearly doesn't fit. Luckily these days there is something for everything! Yes, there are shops that actually sell bridesmaid dresses for pregnant people.

Where to find Maternity Bridesmaid Dresses

Online is your best chance of finding the dress you want. In the shops, they stock a very small collection of maternity bridesmaid dresses.

I will talk about the online stores that are the most popular, and I will talk about how the maternity dresses differs now from what they used to be like.


This company offers some of their ordinary bridesmaid dresses in maternity sizes, such as the "Maternity Bridesmaid DressBari Jay". This dress is currently advertised at under half it's suggested retail price, at $135. They also offer around another 100 maternity bridesmaid dresses, so you are spoiled for choice.


Dessy is probably the most popular bridal dress group, they just conquer the internet rankings with their range and styles. As well as the suave website that really lets you concentrate on the dresses, and fall in love with them. Their "Alfred Sung" collections offers maternity bridesmaid dresses, "whilst keeping your budget in mind".

Although they do have a low to high pricing guide, you have to contact the retailers separately. Be warned, they probably aren't as cheap as they claim to be. However the dresses are to die for.
They have over 60 dresses in a wide range of colours, from cocktail style dresses to full length halter dresses with pleated details.

What's changed for pregnant bridesmaids?

Back when we weren't so savvy and stylish (although we thought we were), you might have got scorn for walking down the aisle with a bump on your belly. You would not be able to wear the same dress as fellow bridesmaids, and you'd feel a lot more self conscious! Nowadays our genius brains have come up with amazing ways to hide the bump. Not that you should be ashamed of it, but no-one particularly likes looking like they could just have gained weight if not everyone knew they were pregnant.

Now of course it's harder if you're up to 9 months pregnant, but it's much better than it was. So don't worry too much!

Once bridesmaids struggled to find dresses for their friends big day. Now it's easier than ever. You can find hundreds if not thousands of dresses that tickle your fancy. Maternity Bridesmaid Dresses


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