Thursday, May 12, 2011

Men's Wedding Fashion

Men's Wedding Fashion -If you think only women fuss about getting dressed up for weddings, think again! Now with widening choices in men's wear, men too are not far behind in doing up themselves and looking their best at weddings, be it their own or someone else's. The important rule to remember while dressing up to attend someone else's wedding is that one must never steal the show from the groom himself. Suits in dark colors being the safest bet, should be opted for whenever in doubt as this classic look never fails to hit the mark. If it's your own wedding however, get ready to be dressed to kill. Elegance and comfort are the key issues all grooms must look out for in their wedding attire. Wondering what your choices in men's wedding attires are? Here are a few of your options:

o Suits
o Frocks Coats
o Tuxedos
o Tail coats

Suits: If you want to look crisp and classy, suits are definitely what you should zero in on. Suits that are slightly modified into the wedding versions are sure to make you look sizzling on your special day.

Suits which are made of exquisite and often extraordinary materials may look delicate but are actually very tough and long lasting. Opt for lighter colours like light beige or sparkling white for ceremonies that are held in the morning while darker colours would be perfect for the ones at night.

Frock Coats: If you are not too tall or too big built, frock coats may be the optimal choice for you. Back in the days, fashionable and classy men were seen to wear frock coats everyday and not just on special evening occasions. Comparing wedding suits and frock coats, one notices that the jackets of frock coats are slightly longer then the former, even though both are usually made of the same material.

Tuxedos: Tuxedos are perfect for men who are on the well built side. So if you have a frail frame, remember to steer clear from tuxedos. Black tuxedos look the best and are teamed with satin clacks and striped pants. Wear this for ceremonies taking place at night or late evenings and add zing to your wedding day!

Tail Coats:
Though a slightly backdated style, tailcoats are yet another option to pick from for your wedding day dress. The defining feature of these tailcoats, are the prominently longer back parts of their jackets, resembling the look of the swallow bird and its tail, hence the name. Tailcoats like the frock coats look best in black teamed with striped pants.

Dressing According to the Climate:
Weddings that take place during summers or at warm locations must have the groom dressed in light colored suits. These suits must also preferably be made of linen or seersucker which is a light thin fabric. Saying `I do' in colder climates however, requires the groom to be dressed in warmer clothes. This includes woolen suits, teaming a navy blazer with charcoal colored pants or even a blazer worn over a sweater and tie.

 An important thing to note about in the context of men's wedding attires is that wearing a tuxedo before 6 in the evening is a major faux pas. Make a style statement with your wedding attire keeping these technicalities in mind. Your wedding day is something you will look back upon forever, so make sure to look your stylish best!  Men's Wedding Fashion


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