Thursday, May 12, 2011

Clothes Design sells Adjie Notonegoro - Fashion

Clothes Design sells Adjie Notonegoro - Life behind the iron bars did not make the designer Adjie Notonegoro stop working. Unmitigated, 55 fashion design generates. Even 11 of them sold well ordered people.

"Until two days ago before leaving the existing 55 results during the design that I created in the (crease). Thank God there are 11 people already booked," said Adjie shortly after his release from Cipinang Prison, Jakarta, Friday (12/11/2010 .)

 Once free, Adjie plans to resume his profession as a professional designer. Even the designer who designs clothes a few guests this country prepare for a shock-related design work.

"God willing, in early January I will continue to work and there is a breakthrough there. I say thank you to his prayer because now I am free," he said.


Adjie Notonegoro must undergo a four-month jail sentence because it found guilty of committing a criminal act of fraud against his business partner named Melvin.

While still languishing in jail, Adjie and Melvin made ​​a pact after the free Adjie will pay his debts by installments. The agreement was also written 40 percent of revenue from the sale of works of Adjie given to Melvin until the debt is paid off.  Clothes Design sells Adjie Notonegoro


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