Monday, May 23, 2011

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Latest fashion - Muslim women in California have learned the secret of this latest fashion trend Hijabi. But by writing an article recently-ups in the Los Angeles Times, Scarves Vela is ready to go national, and perhaps even international.
Scarves Vela is an online store run by Marwa Atik. She designs beautiful hijab style, and menambalkan their own! And he's only 20! design fresh and attractive to young Muslim women in the U.S
About Marwa Atik, hijab fashion designers:
Atik, whose parents came from Syria, began wearing a headscarf in the eighth grade. He is the editor of a high school yearbook, but found himself spending time browsing the website of fashion more than to see pictures student clubs and activities. After school he would spend hours at Wal-Mart's fashion magazine to read. In the summer of 2009 when he and Diab decided to design hijabs, she took a sewing class, the youngest of the group of old ladies making patterned blankets. 

Atik has taken the Muslim head scarf, often known as a hijab, and turn it into a canvas for her fashion sense, with ideas inspired by designs from Forever 21 and H & M as well as haute couture runway and the pages of Vogue and Elle.

Showing latest designs at the mosque a way to measure sentiment in the shawl that goes beyond the limited nature of this so far they inhabited, such as decorative flowers and geometric prints or lace and beads Latest fashion


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