Monday, May 23, 2011

Global Fashion Trends, Important to Know - Fashion

Global Fashion Trends, Important to KnowThis is the workshop of the most eagerly awaited fashion designers and workers of Indonesia: "Trend Research and Collection Development"! Workshop with Massimo Casagrande speakers will certainly add insight and increased knowledge workers homeland fashion.

"Indonesia has begun to enter the calculation. Still clear in our memory of Tex Saverio used clothing Buzzworthy Harper's Bazaar magazine in America. 

  The workshops are expected to give guidance in making work,"explained Svida Alisjahbana. "The domestic market we can already anticipate the trend and now the focus is improving its capabilities,"continued the Minister of Trade Mari Elka Pangestu.

At the workshop the first day, Massimo provide basic explanations about the history of fashion and style that developed from time to time. To research fashion, workshop participants were given useful guidance on the container, such as trade Fairs, street style, or the art of architecture.

In a research book, you can record a variety of things. These include mood, color, material, texture, shape, and others that will inspire your design.
"There is never such thing as most of the research, it is actually good! Look around you for inspiration, whether or not preferred. And do not forget to always bring a camera. You do not know what you find is not it?" Massimo said in an session.Global Fashion Trends, Important to Know


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