Friday, May 27, 2011

Fragrances for 2011

Fragrances for 2011-If you're looking to buy a female fragrance online, maybe for your mom or your girlfriend's birthday (or even for yourself), you will run into a little problem: the internet doesn't come with scratch and sniff! How to choose the right fragrance? A female fragrance should match the personality of its wearer. Are you sweet, floral and feminine, or serious and musky? Do you want your scent to make a vivid statement or evoke nostalgia? This review will help you select the right fragrance from some of our top 2011 favorites.
Do you long to watch the sun setting over the Pacific Ocean on a warm summer evening? If so, you might find Boss Sunset by Hugo Boss to suit your fantasies. This bouquet of fruity yet mysterious florals and citrus settles into a warm, comfortable scent as it wears. Hugo Boss Sunset blends citrus and bergamot with rosy and flowery midtones with lower sandalwood and creamy vanilla notes. The boldness of this scent is perfect for a night out. But if you aren't privy to powerfully sweet and warm scents, this female fragrance may not be your best bet.

If you still like the idea of warm and tropical fruity scents but aren't feeling too bold, Taj Sunset by Escada is a lighter and fruitier scent. The coconut cream, beachy, musky base of this fragrance combines with mango and orangey citrus, primrose, raspberry, and lily blossom. The complex bouquet of Escada is sweet yet light and is perfect for a summer day.
For a cute personality with a daring side, Katy Perry's Purr possesses a unique bouquet that grows more sophisticated as it is worn throughout the day Like many other celebrity perfumes, Purr starts out sweet and fruity with delicious peaches, apples, and jasmine But don't be fooled by first impressions: as it wears, the scent unfolds a sensuous, sexy side of sandalwood and musk. This fragrance is perfect for the girl who dares to challenge expectations, and who isn't afraid to have fun at the same time.
Another new celebrity scent to excite your olfactory is Jennifer Aniston by Jennifer Aniston।nlike the dark sophistication of Katy Perry's Purr, Jennifer looks on the brighter side of life Inspired by Aniston's own memories of jasmine-filled summer evenings by the beach, this scent is clean and understated The first burst of jasmine fades into a subtle, beachy floral scent This female fragrance is perfect for anyone who enjoys the nostalgic scent of jasmine, and who prefers a soft and demure aroma to leave a pleasant, yet sensual impression.Fragrances for 2011


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