Sunday, July 8, 2012

Katie Holmes

Anne has taken the effort in her divorce from Tom and is not support down. Now, a resource informs specifically that Tom is afraid of losing management over Anne, Suri and the divorce!
Katie Holmes, 33, completely hit Tom Vacation, 50, by processing for divorce without his knowledge in New You are able to Town on May 28. Without spending any time, Anne instantly registered for only legal care of the couple’s girl Suri.

“He is totally throwing out right now because he no more had management of Anne, Suri or the divorce,” a resource shows to
In an effort to obtain some management, Tom is trying to move the divorce test to Florida — but it looks like the case will most likely stay in New You are able to Town. For the past 7 years, Tom has been in management and now he’s worrying because he’s no more in the persons chair.

The resource also shows that recent surveys declaring the divorce is not about Scientology is just another attempt for Tom to obtain some power in the divorce.
“His team will do anything to persuade people that Scientology has nothing to do with their divorce!” the resource describes.


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