Thursday, September 15, 2011

emilio pucci sunglasses

Emilio pucci sunglasses ,emilio pucci sunglasses 2011 ,emilio pucci sunglasses sale , Thanks to the wonders of C-Mart (this weird warehouse place in Baltimore where my mom shops), I don’t have to. Although she gave them to me as a birthday gift (I of course didn’t ask what she paid), I do know that they were less than a hundred bucks. After all, what fun is a great bargain if you’re unable to state the original retail cost, happily followed up by what YOU paid? My favorite thing about them, is that an actual piece of silk is pressed between the plastic. I can’t tell from the photo if that’s the case here, but the word ‘printed’ is in the description, so maybe not. Mine have green lenses to match the fabric pattern, in lieu of the blue hues pictured. Regardless, Emilio undoubtedly continues to rule.

Meeeowww—claws are out on the set of Gossip Girl. Co-stars Leighton Meester and Blake Lively have gone from BFFs to barely speaking. Show insiders say that the former friends had a falling out over movie roles and magazine covers, and the girls are blaming each other for the spat. Twenty-three-year-old Blake has already graced three Vogue covers, is the face of Chanel handbags, and had a starring role in Green Lantern, an upcoming 3D superhero flick scheduled for a June 17, 2011 release. Twenty-four-year-old Leighton reportedly thinks Blake is acting like a high and mighty movie star that’s too big for her britches, and she’s tired of coming in second place for Gossip Girl wardrobe choices. Hmm. Wonder when they’re going to realize they’re only supposed to be pretending to be snotty Manhattanites? You don’t have to play the part in real life, too, ladies!
Meanwhile, Leighton’s mother Constance Meester, a 54-year-old ex-con—Constance gave birth to Leighton while she was serving time in federal prison for her connection to a marijuana-smuggling drug ring—threatened to “hunt down and kill” a woman and her son over an undisclosed matter. A harassment complaint has been filed by the alleged victim. Despite all the craziness surrounding her at the moment, Leighton confidently struts her stuff in a sexy mini and a pair of funky Emilio Pucci sunglasses, which are available in eight fashionable hues. emilio pucci sunglasses ,emilio pucci sunglasses 2011 ,emilio pucci sunglasses sale


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