Saturday, June 11, 2011

Icon Fashion Japan

Icon Fashion Japan - Tsutaya Online announced that Namie Amuro was a fashion icon number 1 in Japan for 2009!
J-pop singer born in Okinawa 20 September 1977 This famous emang fashionable since it first appeared on the TV screen in the 90s.

But I am a little disappointed rada. Why does my favorite artist is located at 2?

Icon Fashion Japan - Ayumi Hamasaki (along with all his fans) had to settle for being runner-up in sequence. Artists born in Fukuoka, 2 October 1978 this feels really sit on the throne Pantes Japanese fashion you know.
In third place is an advertising model, Yukina Kinoshita. Japanese idol born in Katsushika, Tokyo, December 4, 1987, emang still "anget" aka not nothing compared to Namie or Ayumi, but who can turn away from this sexy idol?
Here are the results of the Top 10 Japanese Tsutaya Fashion Icons 2009 More :

1. Namie Amuro (singer)
2. Ayumi Hamasaki (singer)
3. Yukina Kinoshita (model / idol)
4. Becky (actress)
5. Tsubasa Masuwaka (model)
6. Kaela Kimura (singer)
7. Erika Toda (actress)
8. Rinka (fashion model / singer)
9. Aragaki Yui (fashion model / actress)
10. Nozomi Sasaki (fashion model). Icon Fashion Japan


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