Sunday, June 5, 2011

Fashion Vogue

Fashion Vogue - As the heart of urban art, graffiti is is most commonly seen on the sides of buildings, city sidewalks and bathroom walls. I have never thought that it has relationship with fashion. While actually, graffiti is moving off the walls and onto fashion industry now. More and more designers are using this boundless combination of images and lettering to decorate their lines. I guess that the graffiti fashion will become greater in future time. If fashion is a form of art anyways, why not wear it?
It is true that we could give up elegance or nobleless, but nobody would abandon individual style. Graffiti fashion is just a kind of manner to our lives.
We once remember that in 2001, the design director Marc Jacobs of Louis Vuitton took great pains to convince its managers receiving his idea of innovating classic monogram pattern. At the very beginning, almost everybody considered that his Stephen Sprouse Graffiti Bags are specially for fashion show. As long as they saw the long order lists, they finally approved to put the collection on stream. From being doubted to hot sale, then to be as the most precious luxury, the great creation really made a great success in fashion industry and created the precedent of perfect combination between luxury and steet art.

From then on, the rough graffiti art held hands with cocky luxury brands and it never stopped its steps. Now the time comes to Spring 2009. Now, Marc Jacobs is paying another tribute in his Louis Vuitton Stephen Sprouse 2009 collection. For Spring 2009, the colors of the Graffiti print against the classic Monogram Canvas background are all neon (lime green, shocking pink and bright orange) and there is also Rose-tattoo collection inspired by Sprouse's past work. The collection also expands beyond bags and shoes to include scarves, jewelries, shades, small leather goods and ready-to-wear.
Graffiti fashion with vivid energy and passion is now go into our daily life. Why are you still waiting? Come together, doodle our own fashion now! Fashion Vogue


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