Wednesday, June 8, 2011

Denim Jeans Style

Denim Jeans Style - Denim is a type of hard wearing cotton fabric belonging to the serge family. The first denim was made in Nimes France and was originally called serge de Nimes and was shortened to denim.  The traditional color of denim was blue and is identified by a diagonal ribbing on the reverse side of the fabric. The first denim trousers were made in Genoa, Italy.
Skinny denim jeans are usually made out of stretch denim which has as elastic component in the weave. The range is about 2% - 4% spandex. This allows the material to stretch on its own and allows the garment to fit the body like a second skin. Some skinny denim jeans are so snug that a zip is necessary at the ankle to put the foot through.
Colored skinny jeans are the favorite choice of the young miss. Available in a myriad of colors these jeans when matched with either color coordinated or tantalizing contrasts and jewelry that is as equally colorful brings out the youthfulness of the wearer.
Grey has a wide stretch from a very pale almost white grey to one the color of heavy storm clouds.  Grey skinny jeans do not have the severity of black and is a change from the original indigo blue and looks very smart when teamed with red, pink or yellow tops.
Jeans come in various styles. The boot cut is one that tapers to the knee and then flares slightly at the hem leaving an allowance for a boot to be worn. It is ideal for winter and also should be worn by women who tend to be heavy.
When buying jeans a woman must take into consideration her figure. Women with athletic figures are able to carry skinny denim jeans or colored skinny jeans with a lot of style. For women that lean towards wider hips should wear denims that are a bit flared at the hem line and also sits on the waist. Black and dark grey skinny jeans could give them the impression of slimmer hips. A long well cut pair of jeans will make the woman look taller.Denim Jeans Style


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