Monday, June 13, 2011

Bukittinggi Fashion

Bukittinggi Fashion- Bukittinggi Fashion - Bukittinggi is a small part of North Sumatra, this area unforgettable memories for some people the Dutch occupation era. There are relics of the Dutch fort, named "Van DerCook", while it also contained Sihanok canyon, which is to elokannya aligned with the Niagara Gorge.

Bukittinggi, also store custom clothing diverse cultures that have similar or allied with Malaysia, though not the whole. Batik and woven songket and kebaya has distinctive features that are not owned by other regions. Famous with special food desert (Rice Kapao) soft and taste a special cuisine for those who like strong flavored cooking repertoire and has a bersantan his trademark.
Sumatra has a laus local area, as well as local culture, food, clothing, customs, and even custom homes and linguistic uniqueness. Bukittinggi Fashion


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