Saturday, June 4, 2011

Beauty Blue

Beauty Blue - With any of the aura colours there are various shades & tones. These various tones display themselves as different characteristics and personality traits. Here, I highlight some of the more commonly reconised characteristics of the Blue Aura.

Blue in the aura tends to denote a sensitive soul and usually a sense of calm, peace and balance. These people usually find themselves in the caring profession - either as nurses and healers directly or as mothers, child care workers, or striving for the good of humanity on a larger scale.

A 'blue' personality will often govern their life more by their feelings than by their intuition or logic. They can be perceived as very emotional, often moved to tears. They are very sensitive to not just their own emotions but those of the people around them as well.

A Blue soul will tend to be very generous with their emotional caring and love. This can come across as a little overbearing at times though. 'No' is a very difficult word for the Blue personality to be able to say - at least with any conviction. They really dislike disappointing anybody and will often tend to put themselves out for others' needs and wants. This may well lead to them feeling quietly reluctant and maybe taken for granted. It can be hard for them to understand that not everyone shows caring in the same, very obvious way that they do.

These people tend to like to talk and are often found in positions where a loyal, level head is required especially in professions that require excellent listening and communication skills - such as therapists, counsellors, even secretaries!
Blues, may enjoy milder forms of exercise, a gentle stroll or swim but are not usually very competitive or interested in high impact sports - they can even be more prone to gaining weight than some of the other aura colours.
The blue personality has a very strong sense of family loyalty and commitment. They will often be the one organising family events and get togethers, or trying to keep the peace and smooth over arguments and disagreements. They have to be careful at times, it is all too easy for them to become overwhelmed or misunderstood by those close to them. It may look like they are always involved and the Blue personality can easily be pushed into the 'victim' mode - exclaiming they were "only trying to help".
It is very important that Blues allow their feelings and emotions to flow, to talk them out or do whatever feels right for them - it may be acting, singing or writing in a journal or diary, the flow and ebb of such powerful forces is vital to maintaining health. Otherwise they can be prone to feeling blocked, unloved and even bullied, resulting in them withdrawing from the very people they love and even feeling a little low or depressed.

The Blue personality tends to be, if not outwardly religious, very conscious of their spiritual nature and will usually have a strong belief in a higher power or a Divine Order of things. They have a strong sense of honesty and justice and don't tend to be the sort to break rules and push boundaries. Their challenge may be to welcome change a little more and to dip their toe more frequently outside of their comfort zone! Beauty Blue


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