Sunday, June 5, 2011

American Fashion Trends

American Fashion Trends - America has always had changing trends, and fashion trends have always come and go. If you want to be in, you have to read this article. If there is one word that could capture all the latest fashion trends in America, then it has to be "dresses".

Dresses are the hottest thing in 2008, such as kimono sleeves dresses, baby doll dresses, shirt dresses, jersey dresses and wrap dresses. They have become so hip and trendy that they are worn both in the daytime as well at the night time. This becomes the ultimate must have for every wardrobe in the country.

Another latest trend for American women are the spring blouses. They may be blouses that have puffed sleeves, graphic prints, ruching and kimono sleeves. They can be mixed and matched with any bottom dress or pair of jeans, and can be worn with a jacket or a blazer for a more elegant and formal look. Also, hot are the combinations of the colors black and white.
Another popular trend in the fashion industry of America is the male cardigan. This is not a new fad, because a lot of celebrities have been wearing cardigans for a long time, such as Bill Crosby, Simon Amstel, Roald Dahl and Kurt Cobain. There has been such a revolutionary change for male cardigans. You can use them to pair with your formal dress or you can go casual with a cross checked and striped cardigan. 2008 is the time to stock up on cardigans.  American Fashion Trends 


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