Tuesday, May 17, 2011

Teen Fashion Trends - by fashion

Teen Fashion Trends - With Mud Flaps at the Back - Fashion Design Portfolio Teen Fashion Trends -Last week, sitting at an old family friend's cafe chatting about this and that, my friend (just over 50) noticed a teen walking past on their way out. "How can boys like that?" "Like what?" I asked. "That long hair with mud flaps at the back," he exclaimed.

I couldn't stop laughing. Although a funny comparison, unfortunately it was true. The young man was wearing jeans almost at his ankles, long hair, and something that resembled a t-shirt under a grungy, what looked like, a leather jacket. 
So for those who are at cross roads about today's fashion and present-ability of our youth people, today, just for you, I have two things to share:


It seems like the 'long hair on guys' is putting everyone off because it's "girly." But I am not sure if people have forgotten than when the 'forbidden rock and roll' started taking the youth of the world by storm way back when, the most popular band were loved and hated for their velvet jackets and long hair. Decades later, the Beatles are forever in the history of music. Just a reminder that to those who say times are different these days...

Fashion will come and go, and almost everyone is prone to it. For those who don't believe me, 'The Devil Wears Prada' has an excellent scene where unfashionable Andy makes fun of a belt dilemma at a fashion magazine, and in return gets told the unabridged version of the history of blue garments that stand behind the $2 blue sweater she wore to work that day. Excellent movie. But anyway... Although you can't force a teen to wear the clothes you want, you can still give them supportive advice and compromise.

A) Be supportive of their fashion choices - if it's blatantly ridiculous, you can sleep peacefully at night knowing one day when they grow up, they will admit you were right about their ridiculous fashion choices. I still cringe when I think about the VERY WIDE 70's style Levi's I had that my parents hated when I was 14 - we all thought we were the 'schizz' when we wore those jeans...except now I know we weren't...

B) If their clothing is blatantly nonfunctional (e.g. jeans around ankles), or unhygienic (e.g. long jeans that track mud around the house like a dirty bike) take them early birthday/Christmas/New Years shopping ASAP

C) Next time you go to the hairdressers, get them to come with you, or get them to have a look at some magazines with hairstyles in there - you may find out that they actually hate their hair
the way it is now.

D) If you attend art gallery opening, shows, etc, ask if the teen wants to come with you - a reason for them to dress up and take pride in their outer-skin, as well as get to know and see people with different fashion styles.

E) Remember your days...laugh about them, share them! My brother used to have long crazy whacky hair, until we went back home to Russia and he saw pictures of my Dad with long whacky hair in his youth (it looked just as ridiculous as my brothers - I swear!). The next day without any of our knowledge, my brother turned up home with a much shorter haircut.  Teen Fashion Trends - With Mud Flaps at the Back


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