Friday, May 20, 2011


Fashionista-You know me. Always up for some social analysis — especially of the socially conscious variety. So, when I spied Green Daily’s “Four types of green fashionistas”, I couldn’t resist exploring and extrapolating. Which category would I fall into? (Not that it’s all about me, of course.)

Here are the four:

The Living Green Consumer. This must be the politically correct term for a Modern Day Hippie.

This girl buys green because, well, she’s been doing it since the ‘70s. She doesn’t give a rat’s if it’s cool or stylish, she does it to keep her carbon footprint to a minimum. Expect to see her at thrift stores or in her own wardrobe dusting off her decade-old Patagonia fleece.
The Core Fashionista. Does this combine pilates and fashion? If so, we could rename this one Heaven. It actually refers to a woman who wants to “build up the green in her fashion portfolio.” As her conception of green fashion has changed, she’s looking to make ethical modifications to her wardrobe. Expect to find her sizing up the new J Brand organic “Monroe” jeans at Nordstrom’s.
The Walking Green Consumer. At least she’s not the Driving Green Consumer or the Passed Out Green Consumer. IMHO, these category names need work… how about Fashion Victim? This woman is a trend-follower. She might not be all that into green, but desperately wants to be part of the cool crowd. Find her at the mall buying rip-offs of Katharine Hamnett statement tees. (Here’s hoping they’re actually printed on organic cotton.)

The Spending Green Consumer. As this chick is a snobbier version of the above, let’s call her the Affluent Fashion Victim. With eco-luxury as the garb du jour, this girl likes to “shop for these items because they’re exclusive and not normally affordable to the everyday citizen”. She buys because they are expensive — saving the world doesn’t really come into play. Find her in her Range Rover en route to Fred Segal to stock up on green.
Okay, so back to me. I guess I’d have to classify myself as a Core Fashionista. And although I, too, admittedly appreciate the eco-luxury aspect of green fashion, I don’t have the black AMEX to back up my convictions, or lack thereof. Et tu? Fashionista


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