Saturday, May 7, 2011

Fashion Bug - From Fashion

The definition of fashion is different as people grow older. Teenagers are usually more fashion oriented then mature people and they adopt it as new trend arrive. Defining the term is difficult task because at this level people have varying opinions but actually the fashion is what best suits you.

The brands set the latest trends in market. Consideration in style brought changes from a cut to fabrics and colors are the important elements in design. Fashion affects all spheres of life from men to women, from child to young working executive class.

Men in the fashion world have a lot of choices from apparel; ranging from shorts, cargo, jeans and tailored suiting. Women's definition on fashion and style starts from formal ware to lounge and swimming ware.

 Nowadays unusual colors like turquoise are more in than regular one like blue, or black. Pretty pastels, sequined with glamour and little black dress are essential items. A stylized dress is indeed a piece of art and the women wearing it make her queen of hearts.
Teenagers are the most targeted group in fashion industry because they are more style oriented and more conscious of their appearance. They never accept other's opinions. It's no use to give them tip on fashion. They usually find ways by themselves. 
Denim is all time favorite of teenager, with a bit changes in their tops and jackets make a lot difference in their trendy looks. They are conscious of ever-changing trends and they find themselves what they actually needed to wear as fashion industry has great options for them.
The extension of style is not limited with the garments style line only but also the hair, look, jewelry and shoes. Fashion is for all those bugs who want to look different but in common way. The differentiation is only on basic level.


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